Special Order HSS


The Hermès Special Order bags are completely unique, crafted to specific instruction from a high-profile Hermès client or celebrity. Only the two most coveted Hermès Bags are available for special order - the Hermès Birkin Bag and Hermès Kelly Bag. Like Hermès Limited Edition Bags, there are a number of features that could be customized on a special order bag such as a unique blend of exotic skins, a special color or color combination, custom bespoke artwork, or the use of scarce hardware. Special Order Birkins and Kellys can be identified by a horseshoe stamp next to the Hermès Paris stamp, earning these bags the nickname of Horseshoe Birkin or Horseshoe Kelly.

SacMaison is one of the only online platform where you can find brand new Hermès Special Order bags. Many of these bags have been custom ordered by well-known clientele of Hermès, contain a unique feature, and are incredibly difficult to find. Their exclusivity makes these Hermès handbags highly desirable for both collectors and investors, and a genuine one-off opportunity. Each Hermès Special Order bag falls under SacMaison's guarantee, ensuring both quality and authenticity.

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