Hermès accessories and bag charms are the perfect way to individualize your Hermès bag or Chanel bag. Our collection of leather Hermès bag charms feature unique, hand-stitched designed such as rodeo horse charm and Hermès paddock boot charm. Specifically crafted to compliment you Hermès Birkin bag or Hermès Kelly bag, these Hermès charms also look wonderful hanging from the clasp of more casual styles such as the Hermès Lindy Bag or make the ideal addition to Chanel Classic Flap Bag.  Besides Hermès leather accessories, we also carry Hermès gold, silver, enamel accessories that can be worn by men or women such as the popular Hermès Clic Clac bracelet, and the Hermès Pop H earring and necklace.

SacMaison is the most trusted online marketplace to find Hermès accessories or bag charm in a host of styles, designs and materials. Each Hermès accessories falls under SacMaison's guarantee, ensuring both quality and authenticity, 

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