Hermes Aline Bag

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Hermès Aline Tote - the latest popular canvas tote by Hermes!

Lately there is an Hermès canvas bag that’s crazed by most fashionista – it’s Hermès Aline Bag. Walk into most any Hermès boutique in the world and if you are lucky you’ll be guaranteed a glimpse of this hanging on a hook on a wall somewhere. Technically not sold as a bag (though that hasn’t stopped some from buying it and using it as one), Hermès Aline forms part of the French house’s equestrian collection, a simple canvas pouch with a leather cord which a rider would use. What for exactly, I’m not sure.

What I am sure is that for those looking for a simple and yet quality messenger bag, the Hermès Aline Bag would be ideal, a casual sling that’s easy to use and fuss-free to maintain. Hermès Aline Bag in canvas pouch with Swift calfskin straps, “Hermes Sellier” print with the famous saddle-stitched seams. It’s size is 33x29cm. The leather strap makes it so comfortable to either shoulder the bag or sling the bag, it’s versatile and at the same time, adding the casual style onto you, especially suitable for school or travel!

Which to some might be expensive, but for a blue-blooded Hermès fan, it’s another piece to covet and add to the collection. It’s only less than RM5k to get an Hermes bag it’s truly a happy news for many Hermes fans out there! And this year, the fashion trends go back to Logo design bag, so Hermès Aline Bag is definitely one of the logo lovers favorite! Are you ready to be young and energetic? This bag is definitely for you!  Checkout the one and only Hermès Aline Bag available!


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