Hermès Convoyeur Mini II Bag

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Hermes Mini Convoyeur II Bag, the latest design of Hermes wallet on strap!

We know Hermès right? Fancy is not their style – simplicity in the design but sophistication in the craftsmanship. That’s how Hermès takes on the fashion world.  That’s why we need to get your attention and introduce to the Hermes Mini Convoyeur II Bag. Here’s a reason why you should listen to us:

First, the Mini Convoyeur bag is Hermes. I mean, it has the quality standard of ‘Hermès’, a brand that a lot of people love but can’t invest.  On the other hand, the Hermès Mini II Convoyeur Bag will save you money - Today we want to let you know more about the Hermès Convoyeur Mini II Bag is better & bigger.


So what’s new? The center-clasp seems to be smaller, but the bag is made larger, especially in width. Consequently, the interior is large as well, which features two large compartments and a zip pocket.


Originally, this Hermès piece is categorized as a ‘portefeuille’, in other words – a wallet. But because it has a long shoulder strap, you can wear it cross body or on your shoulder. Compare it to the Chanel Wallet on Chain Collection, yes it’s a wallet but there’s a chain, so because 1 + 1 = 2, the Chanel WOC is actually a mini shoulder bag.


The 1st version of the Convoyeur Bag does come with two extra pockets in the first compartment of the interior. So now you need to decide between an extra pocket or a larger size.

The shoulder strap can be removed, so the bag can be changed into a clutch bag or a pouch. Or you can sling it cross body or just carry it on your shoulder like a pochette.

We know Hermès is all about the leather and craftsmanship. This bag is made from the famous evercolor Calfskin leather and then refined with silver hardware. The size is measured 15 x 18.5 (H x L) cm and when u open it, you can find a pocket, a change purse with zip in the interior. Refined with silver palladium plated clasp, it’s an everyday shopping companion that you need.  Click here to view more details and picture of this Hermes Convoyeur Mini II Bag.


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